W7M Struggled Against Detonas Aggressive Playstyle

On August 1st in the Brasil Game Cup 2019 tournament W7M Gaming had a very difficult time going up against Detona. Detona seemed unstoppable in the first half, leading the game off with a brutal five round run. The first half of the game ended with a score of 10-5 Detona leading.

W7M made a valiant effort to get back into the game with Ryotzz and Skullz really putting on a solid second half performance. But the strength of Detona Gaming was just too much. The Brazilian Esports team has vsm to thank finishing the game with a 30 bomb. His aim was out of this world and he was playing some truly Tier 1 CounterStrike.

The game was a blast to watch and we can’t wait to cast the rest of the Brasil Game Cup!

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