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The Most Underrated Items in Mordhau

Mordhau is one of my favorite games to play right now. The combat feels very smooth and precise, and I always feel rewarded for coming up with clever tactics to fake out an unsuspecting enemy. While there are hundreds of different ways to stab, slash, and smash your opponents, there have been a few select items which I think too often go unnoticed. This is a list of underused items in the game that are either very fun, very helpful, or very deadly.

The Bear Trap: At the very affordable price of two (2) skill points, the bear trap is one of the best items in the game. You can bait any enemy without medium or heavy armor for an instant kill, or get rid of that pesky horse that’s been chasing you around spawn. Setting bear traps up in the frontlines of combat almost always yields positive results. It’s very difficult in all the chaos to pay attention to both your opponent and the ground. Another great technique is leaving them at enemy choke points so their movement is restricted.What I always like to do is set them up in front of a group of enemies in the hopes that at least one is dumb enough to take the bait and charge me.

The underrated Mordhau Beartrap

The Medic Bag: The medic bag may not be as deadly, but it is certainly an underrated item in the game. I’ve entire games overturned on account of one or two guys placing these down for everyone. Being able to heal up quick and get back into the fight is sometimes all that’s needed to finish off the other team. It also helps keep the pace of the game up, so you don’t have amble around for thirty (30) seconds waiting for your health to regenerate. Like the bear trap it only cost two (2) skill points, and gives massive returns if you know how to use it.

The Sledgehammer: The power of this weapon is starting to become well known thanks to Youtubers like Proxolol, who discovered how powerful this weapon was (link below):

This weapon’s huge stamina drain ability allows for disarms within three (3) or four (4) hits. If your can survive fifteen (15) seconds, you’d practically guaranteed a kill. This weapon has been a real treat to play around with on dual servers, but it works in a lot of frontline games as well if you can separate an enemy from their team.

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you think I missed another underrated or misused item in the game.

– EFLGG Mike Rockwell

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