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TeamOne narrowly beats FURIA

On May 2, 2019, FURIA competed against TeamOne in the ESEA MDL Season 31 North American division. This match saw a powerful comeback from FURIA, who after being assaulted by TeamOne in the beginning of the match, managed to return from a score of 1-7, all the way to a winning position at the half, 8-7. Heavy strategy was clearly on the minds of both teams, as can be ascertained by the numerous timeouts throughout the game. While this comeback was inspirational, it unfortunately was not enough to seize the victory.

That is not to say that the latter half of the match was any less spectacular than the first. The teams were neck and neck until the very end. The Brazilians went back and forth on Inferno for several rounds, but TeamOne clearly had a better stage presence, and were able to strategize more effectively in those timeouts.

– Mike Rockwell

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