This is a base guideline of the EFL’s Rules

  1. Settings for Sub-League Tournaments

All players must follow the given settings; failure to comply will result in an instant forfeit

  • Game settings

Matches have to be played with the following settings:

  • Structure & Sessions
  • Players play on their preferred platform and stick to this platform until the end of the season. Multi account is not allowed (e.g. 2 accounts on one platform or 2 accounts on different platforms) and players can’t earn point on different platforms.
  • Privacy – Private session
  • Stage – Random
  • Victory Conditions
    • Player who wins best out of 3 matches is declared the winner. Each match consists of 3 rounds (best of).
    • In the circumstance of a round / match ending in a draw then a round of sudden death will occur to decide the victor.
    • Winner will receive 1 point for their respective team, tallied over the course of the current season
  • Registration
    • Players who fail to register 10 minutes before a match is scheduled to start (online or physical) will result in the team that player represents to be disqualified for 2 matches, inclusive of the match missed.


  1. Tournament & Points
    • Cancellation

Any match which is cancelled, for any reason, will not be entered in the tournament.  In this case, the match may also be postponed to a later date.

  • Attribution of Tournament points

After the end of each match, teams are allocated points depending on the end result:

Win – 1 point
Lose – 0 points

In the rare circumstance of a game ending in a draw then a round of sudden death will occur to decide the victor.

  • Qualification for Tournament Finals

As the season ends, the points are tallied up and the top 4 teams per sub-league will be entered in their respected tournaments, to determine which team is the champion of each sub-league.

In the case of teams in and around 4th spot being equal on points those with the equal points will enter in to  playoffs. For example if there are two teams with equal points then there is a simple play off between the two. In the case of their being a number greater than two teams left, a mini tournament or league will take place to decide the winner. The winner of this event will then be put forward for the sub league tournament.

Information about the final and prizes will be released during the finals