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ORDER beats Justice 16-5 on Overpass

On April 30, 2019, ORDER continues their win streak in this season’s MDL Australia league against Justice. In their second match this tournament, the all Australian CSGO team in a quick and efficient manner beat Justice 16-5. Overpass was the battlefield that these Australian animals would battle in another best of one (1).

The first half of the game was hard fought to say the least. After the first round ORDER won 5 matches in a row, but their fiery playstyle was soon quenched by Justice, who attempted to poke holes in ORDER’s strategies. The next few rounds would see a back and forth exchange between the two towering behemoths. It seemed that Justice just didn’t have the tools in their tool box; shortly after a few victory’s from Justice, ORDER swept up the last bits of their chances of winning. ORDER won ten (10) rounds in a row, swapping from T to CT about halfway through.

The MVP of this game unsurprisingly came from ORDER. Jordan ‘Hatz’ Bajic, a twenty (20) year old CSGO player, was an absolute treat to watch. Hatz scored the most kills (28), and had the most damage per round, an astounding (122.8) and the highest HLTV rating (2.03).

– Mike Rockwell

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