Image of Mordhau The Medieval Fighting Game of 2019

Mordhau : The Medieval Fighting Game of 2019

Mordhau was released, April 29th on Steam. This highly anticipated title has been developed over the course of several years by Triternion, a collection of independent developers from around the globe. Their backgrounds vary but the maypole around which they all swing is that of an appreciation for competitive, multiplayer slasher games.

For years the market has been itching for a competitive, skill based medieval melee game like the one they have now delivered. While other games have tried to fill this niche void, like “Mount and Blade” and “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare”, no other game has been released that can compare to Mordhau in terms of potential to revitalize this genre.

Mordhau has a huge emphasis on customization, and skill-based combat. With hundreds of weapon and armor combinations to design your perfect combatant, Mordhau certainly sets a good impression in the minds of those who want to stab and slash in style. I for one can certainly be counted among the ranks of those who love to spend hours mixing and matching different combinations of arms and armor to create that perfect warrior.

There is also a livestream going on right now on Mordhau’s YouTube channel, where several different Twitch streamers such as JaxPC play the game and give their live commentary on it as they play. Speaking of opinions, on Steam where the game was released, it has received a warm and mostly positive reception.It is currently a top seller with the vast majority of reviewers having a pleasant experience. We can’t wait to see the future of Mordhau esports and the competitive scene that will arise from the release.

I look forward to purchasing this game knowing it goes towards a game made by people who truly care about making a quality game that doesn’t rely on glitches and other tricks to remain on top of the competitive scene. Congratulations to the Mordhau team on their release!

– Mike Rockwell

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