Mordhau: A Month in Review

It has been just over a month since the medieval multiplayer slasher Mordhau was released. This self described indie action game has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks, which is no surprise considering it ranks number ten (10) on Steam for most concurrent players. Its has been reviewed favorably by critics and players alike, with all of them citing the game’s in depth combat system, lack of microtransactions, and perk system that has players spending points to build their own unique, deadly warrior.

This highly anticipated title was developed over the course of three (3) years by an international team of video game developers called Triternion. Over those three (3) years, the developers worked tirelessly to create a fictional yet realistic medieval world. Just as carefully crafted was the combat system, which allows for the outcome of duels to be based on the skill of the players. Attacks can be feinted, chained together, or seamlessly morphed from strikes to stabs of vice versa. The speed, precision, placement, and timing of all strikes is rewarded with the satisfying sound of squelching blood and metal swords clattering against the ground.

The community surrounding is game is also as lively as the game’s combat. Players can discuss techniques and patches in a variety of places like the Mordhau reddit and Mordhau’s official forums. For more casual players there are also many posts of fashionable armor combinations and Mordhau memes (damn those short spears and heater shield players).

EFLGG Mike Rockwell

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