Insomnia 64 Booth Partnership with the British Army

EFLGG are proud to officially open our Insomnia64 Booth in partnership with The British Army & House of Gamers! There are Rock walls, laser shooting ranges, and even state of the art gaming PC’s? That’s right anyone lucky enough to come to our booth can go up against the British Army in csgo themselves! A big shoutout goes to the #armystem guys and their new esports team! The future is bright for both the military and esports. This combatastic combo will be one for the history books as #armyesports continues to grow! All this weekend we will be LIVE on with the event. Come on down and you can be on stream yourself! Our booth only remains from April 19th-21st so you better hurry! Show EFL.GG and the Army your Stamina, Endurance, and will to win!
For efighting

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