Furia upsets Astralis 2-1 in an epic bo3

FURIA upsets Astralis 2-1 in ECS S7 Finals

FURIA showcased a stunning performance against the iconic Astralis lineup beating them 2-1. This was the opposite of the expected outcome seeing as Astralis is ranked #2 in the world (as according to hltv.com). The Brazillian team came out on top though impressing the viewers of the ECS Season 7 Finals.

We saw Astralis take the lead on Inferno which was their map pick 16-12 against FURIA. Device finished the game with 25 kills and Xyp9x finished the map with 7 assists. More than half of the FURIA roster seemed to just not really show up on this map. With VINI finishing the first map with an hltv rating 2.0 of “0.71” and arT finished with a sad 0.42 rating 2.0 as he only managed to pick up 8 kills during the game.

Map number two was a whole different story as FURIA was schooling Astralis on Mirage. The final score was 16-10 and both VINI and arT came around to lead their team to victory. What happened on map 3 nobody was really expecting.

Nuke was the deciding factor of which of these two teams would be eliminated from the tournament. It was a very close game but FURIA decimated Astralis on their CT side. ableJ picked up 23 frags of the course of the match.

We wish the best for both teams moving forward but we want to give an extra congratulations to FURIA for shocking the world and the ECS season 7 tournament!

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