Spring 2019

Phuket, Thailand

Celebrity ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ – #eflgg team bosses and their captains have a mid-season #showdown at the Legendary Gamers Paradise Hotel (EFL’s Asia home), the worlds first esports hotel that has become ‘bucket-list’ for esports pro’s and celebrities worldwide.

  • league matches will be played 
  • points will be carried over
  • tickets will include 7 nights stay at the event
  • live broadcasts on both television and on-line    

Tickets on sale January 2019

Summer 2019

Las Vegas, United States

This is our first tournament with playoffs and finals and EFL’s third live event, it will be an esports, sports and music extravaganza with:

  • a nail-biting esports playoff and final in the day
  • two thrilling MMA fights, including a major main card fight in the early evening
  • followed by a music concert with a major line up
  • the event will be live in 3 continents as well as on-line

Tickets on sale Spring 2019