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ESEA MDL Season 31 Australia Opening

On April 29, 2019, ESEA MDL Season 31 Australia officially begins. While the prize pool has not yet been determined, this tournament certainly will set the mood for the years Australian CSGO scene.

There are several teams to be looking out for during this tournament. Greyhound, the highest ranked Australian team according to HLTV, is certainly the big dog in this tournament. They are the highest ranked team in the tournament, as well as the second highest ranked team in all of Australia. After a devastating loss in the grand final back in Season 30, Greyhound, no doubt hopes to redeem themselves and take home the gold in a doggy bag.

The team that Greyhound lost to back in season 30, ORDER, is also in this season’s tournament. The questions remains whether they can maintain the order they have already established, or lose their crown. As of the time of this article being written, ORDER has already beaten Jade 16-8, and in just a few short hours they will go up against Justice.

Finally, there’s the 3-4th place winners from season 30: Chiefs and Breakaway. Both eminent and respected teams in their own right, which such high level performances last time around, it is truly impossible to determine who will be in the winner’s circle when the dust settles. The Chiefs plan to face GroundZero tomorrow at 1:00am GMT, and Breakaway will go toe-to-toe with ex-Skyfire sometime on May, 2.

Best of luck to all participants in this season’s tournament.

– Mike Rockwell

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