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ECS Season 7 Qualifier Week 4 Europe Recap

The ECS season 7 qualifier Week 4 kicked off with some mouth watering clashes in Europe. The 8 teams bracket featured most notably Faze and their newest addition Neo, as well as the new mousesports lineup and NiP team. Against all odds, Faze got eliminated in the quarter finals, against Virtus.Pro. The polish side took down Faze on Nuke before losing a really contested Overpass map. The decider, Mirage was a really one sided affair as they won 16-6, on the back of a dominant T half. Snatchie was the x factor in that game, hitting 69 frags across the 3 maps played. The other matches up went as expected, with Avangar taking over Forze, and Mousesports over G2 and NiP over Epsilon, on a 2-0 scoreline each time.
The semi finals were as one sided, Avangar faced off against Virtus Pro, but the CIS mixture was too much to handle for the polish team, who lost 16-9 on Avangar’s pick, Inferno, before losing on Vertigo on a closer scoreline. The MVP of that game was, like often, Jame, rocking a 1.38 hltv rating across the series.
The second semi final opposed NiP and Mousesports, in what looked like the greatest match of the week. Sadly, the game didn’t really live up to expectations. The first map, Nuke, was played in a really weird way as both teams had an amazing t side, which is particularly weird on that map. After a 10-5 half, mousesports were unable to close out the game and lost 16-13, grabbing only 3 ct rounds. The second map started on the same rate, with NiP winning 9 T rounds on Inferno, mousesports’ pick. But the European mixture didn’t manage to crawl back like NiP did in the first map, as they only won 1 T round, dropping the map 16-7.
The finals between NiP and Avangar was by far the most entertaining map of the whole week. NiP drew first blood in the series, taking Avangar’s map pick of Dust 2 in Overtime, thanks to Lekr0, who got 31 frags in the 35 rounds played. The series went on Train, and this time, Avangar came out on top, once again in Overtime. Lekr0 dropped off completely and finished the game with a poor showing, as he only got 16 kills. The decider, inferno, seemed as close the rest of the series for a while, as NiP had only a one round advantage coming into the second half. But it’s on their Terrorist side that NiP made the difference, winning 8 rounds to the 3 of Avangar, closing the map 16-10. With $12000 in their pockets, NiP were in prime position to take the last spot for the ECS finals. But since Avangar is not gonna be a part of the last qualifier, noone can catch to the swedes, and they definitely booked their tickets for the ECS Finals, happening in June.
These matches were a blast to watch on both the main faceit twitch channel as well as across the eflgg network.

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