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On May 10, 2019, NVR Esports demolishes Fubar Gaming to win the grand finale of the Glacial League. In a quick yet explosive victory, the semi-pro CSGO team Nevermore wins on Inferno 16-3, and then closes out the grand final 16-4 on Train.

The skill displayed on these two maps by NVR Esports was otherworldly to say the least. They had a powerful presence that only got stronger as the rounds went on. The essence of the game as a whole was seen early on, in round six (6) of the first map. This the closest the teams truly were to a neck and neck contest. Lysander put up an MVP performance, covering the B Bomb-site with an MP7, after just eliminating most of Fubar just seconds before. In the final seconds of the round, he was killed defending the site, but damaged VexBK of Fubar Gaming just enough to set up Kennan for the final blow. He killed VexBK, forcing a drop of the bomb and not enough time for Fubar to plant. This was the first nail in the coffin for Fubar Gaming, and they were unable to stop NVR’s killer momentum after that.

Congratulations to NVR on their dominating performance, and best of luck to Fubar Gaming in their next tournament.

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