A strict code of conduct is in place to protect the integrity and reputation of the eFL.  All teams and players must uphold these codes at all times.

This is a base guideline of the eFL’s Code of Conduct

  • Doping

Players are banned from the use of any substance / drugs to enhance their sporting performance.  Individuals are required to submit a swab and/or urine test at any given time by the eFL.   These submissions will be carried out by a verified third party examiner.   Any players found with enhancement performance drugs in their system will be removed from the current tournament they are participating, as well as a 10 point deduction to the team that player is representing.  Team penalties will be removed after one full season.

If however players are taking drugs for medicinal purposes, a doctor’s note is required for submission, explaining what the drugs are treating and how long the individual is required to take it for, for eFL’s reference.

  • Cheating

Teams and players are banned from the use of any software and/or hardware that attempts to alter the outcome of the game and to gain an advantage over another team/player.  If the referee suspects any foul play, they have full rights to suspend the match in order to inspect the hardware and software used.  Anyone caught cheating will result in an instant removal from the current tournament and a full suspension for one full season.  Teams will receive a 10 point deduction from their total score at the end of that current season.  Team penalties will be removed after one full season.

  • Match Cancellation

In the rare case of a match being cancelled, for any reason the match will be postponed to a later date. If the reason for this cancellation is not severe enough the team needing to cancel will forfeit both that game plus their next fixture.

  • On-Stage Behaviour

All players are expected to show the up most respect and sportsmanship towards their pre-determined opponent(s) and to the individual(s) refereeing the match.  Players not found having the mannerisms and respect expected within the eFL will result in being disqualified for 2 matches, inclusive of the match participating.  Showboating as the victor is banned, players are expected to shake hands to each other and to the referee once a match is over.

  • Match Fixing

Match fixing is defined as a match is played to a pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game and the spirit of eSports.  We have zero-tolerance against teams who fix matches; those caught will result of permanently removed and banned from current and future tournaments associated by eFL and its associates, and possible criminal prosecution.

  • Referee Decisions

Decisions from outside or against the rulebook can be made by the referee to ensure fair play.

  • Social Media

Teams are encouraged to get their player’s social media presence online.  Individuals are expected to use certain (hash) tags outlined by the eFL and to uphold eFL’s online reputation in a good light.  Theses (hash) tags will be given to the team captains when posts must be submitted. Anything posted outside of eFL’s knowledge in an attempt to tarnish its reputation, eFL has the right to shut down all social media platforms associated to that particular individual and a one season ban.  Teams will receive a 5 point deduction from their total score at the end of that current season.  Team penalties will be removed after one full season.

  • Team / Player Data

Team data (i.e. player statistics, team members etc…) will be uploaded to our website (eFL.gg) and teams will share our domain (team-name.eFL.gg). This gives viewers at home a hub where they can visit to view past fixtures, as well as team and player stats.  Data uploaded onto our servers are compiled to Data Protection Law.

  • Server Crashes

In the rare case of a server crashing, the game will be postponed depending on the severity of the server crash. The public will be informed via the social media of the eFL and teams performing, information on the server and new match dates and time will be available on the eFL site.

  • Names, Symbols & Sponsors

The eFL reserves the right to forbid the use of unwanted names and symbols in the tournament. No advertisement or promotions that are known for drug use, pornographic or other adult products are allowed.

  • Confidentiality

Communications between the eFL and its participants must be kept confidential and not made public until eFL gives prior permission to do so.

  • Right of Use

The eFL reserves the rights to use material from all matches (videos, streams, replays and screenshots). However teams are free to use their personal footage, streams and information to promote themselves and teams. Participants are not permitted to use other footage from the league without prior permission from the eFL.

  • Changes to Rulebook

The eFL are able to make changes to the rulebook at any given time, any changes that occur will be made clear to all teams and participants.