Brawlhalla is going mobile in 2020

On November 17 Blue Mammoth Games announced that it will begin beta testing a new mobile version of their most popular title: Brawlhalla. This new version comes just a few days after the fourth anniversary of the game’s release. Brawlhalla, one of the most popular multiplayer fighting games on Steam, tweeted out a link to register for the closed beta last Sunday.

This is nothing new to those familiar with the title, as Brawlhalla has already been ported over to several different devices. While it’s initial release in November of 2015 was originally for PC, macOS, and PlayStation 4, it has since then been released on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Blue Mammoth games has yet to give a set date of its full release to mobile, so for those of you that want to get in as soon as possible you can go to Brawlhalla’s website and sign up! The sooner you sign up the better your chances will be of getting access to the closed beta.


By Mike Rockwell

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