Happy Bear smiling because his favorite CSGO MDL team Bad News Bears Just won a match

Bad News Bears Bring Good News To Fans

On May 14, 2019, Bad News Bears faced off against MASSIVEimpact (LOsT iN ThE SAuCe–) in a BO1 on Mirage.

The game was part of ESEA’s MDL, week three. The two teams have only played once before with MASSIVEimpact taking the win in overtime. Mirage is a strong map for both of the teams and the matchup had all the signs of being a close one. However, the game ended up being fairly one-sided. The Bears started off with a T-side pistol win, which eventually led them to an 11-4 half which is certainly impressive for starting on the T-side. They were able to easily close things out with a 16-7 scoreline.

This game snapped the Bear’s three game losing streak. Crashies led the scoreboard with a very impressive 31 kills and an astonishing 126 ADR. Bad News Bears are now 13th place in the league standings, with LOsT iN ThE SAuCe– slightly ahead in 9th. We can’t wait to see how this years MDL continues to progress!

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