AVEZ to battle against ex-Epsilon in Grand Final Match

The grand final of the MSI MGA 2019 Europe closed qualifier is currently commencing between the Polish CSGO team Avez (HLTV rank #142) and the European team ex-Epsilon (HLTV rank #46). The winner of this best of three will go on to the MSI MGA 2019 tournament. While the AVEZ team hails singularly from Poland, ex-Epsilon’s team comes from every corner of Europe. The players that will go on to face team AVEZ come from the Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Britain, and Bulgaria. They are truly a team spanning the entire European continent.

The first map was high with intensity, Avez taking a HUGE early lead on their CT side in the first half. Somehow though they were turned on their heads when ex-epsilon put on a stellar performance on the CT side. Ex-Epsilon managed to make a full on comeback on the first map (train) and win it 16-14.

Map 2 is just about to begin so be sure to watch these Europeans teams duke it out on the Official Twitch channel of the EFL, with colored commentary by the always entertaining @JohnSteezyTV

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